Garry's Review

I hated cooking on gas grills!  They were not fun... They were not cool... and they didn't really elevate my cooking at all!  I honestly had a weber genesis storing my other grill accessories and hadn't been turned on for the last couple of years.

That all changed when I saw the Ferno Grill.  It looked very California & I knew I needed to try it.  I took it on a demo and never looked back!  I had been a pretty hardcore Big Green Egg cook!  I have been on competition teams that cooked on the Big Green Egg and am currently part of the Big Green Egg cooking team; I think that is a great smoker!  However, after saying that... something about the ease of cooking on the Ferno Grill by clicking a button with the convection hood... the ability to control your temperature... and the massive grill surface is a joy.  It's like cooking on the Tesla of Grills!

My wife likes smoke flavor on big chunks of meat like pulled pork and brisket which are perfect for 20 hour smokes on the smoker, but for everyday dinner that would normally be cooked in an oven... she wants no smoke... like none.  The fact that we get amazing flavor and cook to be spot on without having to wait 40 minutes for the grill to get ready is awesome!  We are eating by the time the BGE could be ready for food to go on sometimes!  Inside the house we have double Wolf ovens... Outside we have 10 different grills and smokers... and the grill that my wife always wants the meal made on is the Ferno Grill.

I have been using the Ferno Grill for a little over a year now and it's a joy to use each time.  Raise the firewheel and turn the fire to high and get that 50 pounds of cast iron grates nice and hot... Then lower the firewheel and turn your Ferno Grill into a high-end oven.  The Ferno Grill can reach 600 degrees if you want it to, but you don't have to worry about flair-ups burning your food because you’re able to get the flame away from your food.  The key to precision cooking is to get your heat source away from the food and let the grates do the cooking!  That is exactly what the Ferno Grill does best... It masters the flame!

I would recommend the Ferno Grill to anyone that is wanting to elevate their grilling game... newbies look like vets and vets looks like pros with the way the Ferno Grill manages the flame.

Enjoy baking cookies, grilling burgers, sautéing veggies, smoking ribs or searing steaks... The Ferno Grill can handle anything you want to cook on it & do it better than you ever thought possible.

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