Amy's Review

As the co-founder of Epicurean Santa Barbara, I love cooking and entertaining, and am always seeking out the best and most efficient tools and techniques for cooking at home. I prepare everything from steak dinners for my Supper Club, to Pizzas with slow-fermented dough for my friends and family, to St. Louis Style smoked bbq ribs for my husband. Last year I was searching for a new outdoor grill. As I host a variety of culinary demos with professional chefs and large gatherings at my home, I wanted a grill that could beautifully sear and cook a variety of foods, and was suitable for both a home cook and professional chef.

After featuring Ferno Grills at a culinary demo for Epicurean Santa Barbara, I was convinced that Ferno was the perfect tool for any chef; novice or professional.  The design of the grill was sleek, functional, and of the highest quality. I love the reversible cast iron grates for different types of cooking, the large surface area of the grill that allows for cooking multiple dishes or large amounts of one item, the adjustable Firewheel to control temperature, and practical features like LED lighting, an accurate temperature gauge, and workspace.

The first week I had the grill, I had 15 friends over for dinner, for which I was preparing filet mignons. The Ferno Grill was the perfect tool for this event.  The wide cast iron grates, with their powerful thermal properties, not only absorbed enough heat to create a nice sear over the entire steak, but there was also enough space on the grill for all the steaks (and then some!) Once the steaks were seared, I could easily close the grill, turn down the heat source, raise the grates, and allow the steaks to finish cooking as they would in an oven.  No hot spots, no flare-ups, but total control of temperature, and a perfect grilling experience. The following weeks I easily grilled vegetables; whole, chopped and sliced, (without losing any through the grates!) and even prepared carne asada, carnitas, and chicken tacos as one would on a flat top; (dishes I would never attempt on a regular grill.)

I also love making calzones and pizzas. Who knew this grill could function like a pizza oven? I roll up the heat source to the grates to get a crispy stable crust, and then slide the dough over the cooler side of the grill, close the lid, and in 10 minutes I have perfect calzones and pizzas. The Ferno Grill is an incredibly diverse, user-friendly appliance, and is essential in my everyday cooking.

Amy Robinson's Bio

Amy Robinson is the co-founder of Epicurean Santa Barbara, a culinary club whose mission is to nurture and promote Santa Barbara’s culinary scene through unique experiences including chef’s dinners,wine tastings/pairings, cooking classes, cocktail events, and more in the SB area. A California native who lived in New York City for over a decade, Amy loves to experiment with new ingredients and inventive recipes and entertain her guests with artistically immersive events. As a classically trained composer, pianist, and singer, she used to spend her days writing and arranging music for film and TV, but has now shifted her focus to advancing her culinary skills at the Institute of Culinary Education, and expanding Epicurean Santa Barbara. After a long day of work, Amy relaxes by applying her skills to cooking for friends and colleagues, and most importantly, Keith and Ginger, her husband and yorkshire terrier.

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