Open POsition
Sales Representative (Independent)

Passionate about grilling? Ferno Grills is looking for an enthusiastic Sales Representative to help introduce our innovative grill in the following counties:

Los Angeles
San Francisco
Marin County
East Bay
San Jose
San Diego

We’re looking for someone who is comfortable and experienced in developing and fostering new relationships, is not afraid of ‘thinking out of the box’ and understands the importance of providing excellent customer service. This is a business-to-consumer position that offers a strong performance-based compensation opportunity along with a flexible schedule.

Responsibilities include, but are not limited, to:
- Building a solid pipeline of potential customers via personal connections, networking, participation in local events and following up on inbound leads and inquires
- Showcasing product by setting up demonstrations for potential customers
- Understanding of common business practices relating to pricing, terms, shipment, taxes, and payment for products and services
- Provide excellent customer service including responding to your customer’s questions about products, service, delivery, and billing
- Assisting clients with Grill installation at the customers home
- Promoting a safe workplace by performing all tasks in a safe and thoughtful manner in compliance with all rules, procedures, instructions, devices, and use of appropriate personal protective equipment.

The Candidate:
The successful candidate will possess a high level of ownership, accountability, and initiative and have:
- Passion for outdoor grilling
- Experience in prospecting, follow-up, and value-added consultative selling
- Strong presentation skills
- Ability to both take direction and to make independent decisions in a fast-paced environment.
- Position requires extensive local market area travel with the use of a personal vehicle with a hitch to travel to appointments

Ferno Grills is committed to the success of our Sales Representatives, we provide operational and marketing support, along with all the necessary tools and training to ensure the success of our sales team.  You will not be required to invest in any of your own personal finances in order to get started. If you’re a grilling enthusiast and are looking for additional revenue streams and/or an independent sales representative seeking to represent new products – let’s talk!

This position is 100% commission based and is a 1099 position.

About Ferno Grills
Located in Santa Barbara, CA, Ferno Grills is a gas grill manufacturing company focused on re-inventing the grilling experience.  With proprietary flywheel technology, our innovative gas grill provides outdoor cooking enthusiasts the capability to better control the flame resulting in a more enjoyable, relaxing experience and better results.

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Customer Testimonials

How much do I love Ferno Grills? I own 2 of them. The reason is simple, it is the best grill I have ever used, and I've used a lot of them... Weber charcoal, Weber Genesis, Dynasty, the Green Egg, Lynx...

- J. Harleen

I’m a convert. The crunchy bite of the brocollini stem. The smoky roast of the asparagus stalk. The chewy char of the mushroom cap. The tender sear of the salmon steak. All these and more have I discovered with my Ferno grill. It’s a flexitarian’s best friend, no doubt.

- R. Dallett

I had the opportunity to test drive a Ferno grill and was blown away by its performance! I was cooking a 16 pound turkey for the 5th Annual Meatfest BBQ contest and knew that I needed to bring my A game, so I was psyched to have access to a Ferno. The key factors when barbequing a whole Turkey are maintaining a constant temperature, even heating, and getting the smoke right. Check, check, and check.

- A. Tracewell

The last grill I’ll ever own…what a cliche, right? With this grill it’s totally true. It is built to last and it cooks better than any grill I’ve owned. It has beautiful lines, the Ferno is uniquely elegant and makes a statement on my deck. Looks aren’t everything, it's what’s inside that counts…It is a joy to grill on my Ferno, its versatility is unequaled.

- J. St. John

Using the Ferno was an absolute pleasure. Ferno was kind enough to donate the use of two grills for the Santa Barbara Bucket Brigade’s Montecito Rising fund raiser. The reversible cast iron grates gave us the perfect char and grill marks. Ferno’s firewheel allowed us to adjust the flame whilemaintaining the right amount of heat for our burgers. I would recommend these grills to anyone involved in catering or for home use.

- Aimee Di Mase Executive Chef

I’ve used the Ferno grill now for 3 months, and it’s changed the way I cook! Before using the Ferno grill, I used my Weber grill as a traditional bbq (burgers, tri-tip, and chicken) and my Wolf range for the rest. Now I use the Ferno grill for most of my cooking.

- J. Lang

Best grilling experience ever!! It is so easy to control the heat...a combo grill-oven. Looks cool too.

- J. Grenier

Been using this grill for a few months now and I can say, without qualification, that it’s one of the best purchases I have made in years. It’s improved our dinners, I use it several times a week, and certainly improved my enjoyment of grilling. I have used a Weber for 30 years and that was hard to pry out of my hands but the Ferno is simply in a class of its own.

- J. MacFarlane

I’m loving this grill! I have so much more control now and I don’t burn stuff anymore. It’s very well built.

- Gordon F.

Love this grill! It's like having a gigantic cast iron skillet that can beautifully sear steaks, but also grill veggies to perfection, and even slow-cook meats without over-charring. Great for anyone who entertains as well.

- Amy R.

Loving the ability to raise and lower the burners. The feature offers more control, and results (and hitting the sweet spot for chicken, fish and meat) have been noticeably better for me. Grill's design and construction feels way more solid than the mass produced, name brand I used to own. Also dig the Ferno's built in LED light.

- L. Fales